mIKs-it is all about positive energy and positive imagining. Make sure you only create content that brings out the best in others every time. This means you will not make fun of others – including children – you will not harm them or expose them to harmful content.

Funny things need consideration. Sometimes you may find something funny but someone else may not. If you experience this, you should explain why that content makes you uncomfortable. These are personal conversations you can’t have in an app so it's best to address people directly.

You can delete a contact if you are uncomfortable with the content they share. 

You can also report misuse of mIKs-it through the following steps:

1. Go to our support page

2. Click on "New Support Ticket

3. Fill in the required fields with your query an click 'Submit' when finished. The mIKs-it support team will be with you shortly.